Summer Storm

by Scott Wiggerman

A green tercet of noise approaches from
the lake: parrots. But even everyday
dark-feathered birds have broken tedium
and squawk like a bold-flavored Beaujolais.
Cacophonies of grackles spot a vein
of worms, whose bounty sets their beaks afire,
excited still by yesterday’s hard rain,
if only for an hour. They take desire,
like us, in any unexpected form:
a sudden feast, a parrot’s shadow on
the pond, a whiff of ozone from the storm,
a filled-up water barrel. Then it’s gone —
as quick as seasons. How we pray to seize
such moments, spread our wings, and rise with ease.

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Scott Wiggerman is the author of two books of poetry, Vegetables and Other Relationships and Presence, forthcoming from Pecan Grove Press. A frequent workshop instructor, he is also an editor for Dos Gatos Press, publisher of the annual Texas Poetry Calendar, now in its fourteenth year.  His website is
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Published 2 January 2011