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Bill Loses Susan

by Peter Moltoni

The ring-road is a cold-molasses drift.
I slalom through the Sunday morning crawl,
accelerate against an amber, shift
a lane to navigate a snarl, and bawl
a curse as rain begins; it’s nip and tuck.
Meantime my mind is practicing a graphic
reconciliation; then my luck
gives out. I’m cordoned in a stall of traffic.
The light remains interminably red;
ten carlengths back, a million miles from her,
I hear the jet-thrust roaring overhead.
The scathing gibes of self-reproach recur.
My past and future’s on an outward jumbo.
The wipers whisper, “Dumbo, dumbo, dumbo . . . ”

Peter Moltoni has accumulated over 60 poetry awards and recognitions at various levels in national poetry competitions. His work has appeared in Galloping On, The Finishing Post, Free XpresSion, Metverse Muse, Inside Out, the ezines Worm and Ozpoet’s Treasury, and various other competition-associated publications. A selection of his poems, Views From My Window, was published by Access Press in 2000.

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Pat Jones
Published 30 March 2011