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We’re at an Age When Honesty is Best

by John Byrne

We’re at an age when honesty is best;
When flattery no longer has a role.
Unvarnished truth should never be suppressed
While we acknowledge aging’s stealthy toll.

I cannot say you look as you once did:
The way we once appeared, appears no more.
The decades lived together can’t be hid
For time has made us different from before.

It isn’t right to try to shade the facts;
It’s silly to ignore what’s plain to see
For nothing can occur to take us back
To how we were and how life used to be.

In candor’s name, I say without regret:
You’re way more foxy now than when we met.

John Byrne lives in Albany, Oregon. He writes short stories and formal verse. Most recently his work has been included in an anthology of contemporary Northwest poetry called Many Trails to the Summit (Rose Alley Press, Seattle, 2010).

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Pat Jones
Published 29 March 2011