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by Thomas Thurman

At last we reach examination day
and chewing on my full-of-hope 2B
I sit in silence at my desk and pray
for one last chance of saving my degree,
all work evaporating from my head
as if I’d never done a day’s revision
and spent the time with magazines in bed.
Here’s question one. I make my first decision.
With A, I say I’m sorry for each action.
With B, I say I should have been more bold.
With C, I say I’m careless to distraction.
With D, I say my dedication’s cold.
With E, I say I may not earn your love.
I fail the test. It’s all of the above.

Thomas is a programmer and a poet. His work has been published in Ale and 14 by 14.

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Pat Jones
Published 23 August 2011