Month-based archive (after Issue 11)

May 2011

  by Arun Sagar

An Enigma
  by Chad Trevitte

  by Don Thackrey

On First Reading Homer in Iraq
  by Kimberly Poitevin

To a Catalpa
  by Chris O’Carroll

  by Timothy Murphy

Cleaning the Operating Theater
  by Woody Long

Sunglasses at a Funeral
  by Christopher Hanson

Atmospheric Pressure
  by Penelope Gallogly

Last Act of Hamlet
  by Barbara Daniels

Garden Wedding
  by Barbara Lydecker Crane

The Third Man
  by Kim Bridgford

  by Peter Austin

That Host
  by Bruce Bennett


March 2011

The English Impressionist
  by Peter Wyton

Three Tree Rows
  by Timothy Murphy

  by Hugh Moore

Bill Loses Susan
  by Peter Moltoni

The Tinderbox
  by Woody Long

A Poor Rhymester in High Society
  by Jean L. Kreiling

  by Laura Garrison

Ghost Sonnet 1
  by Kathryn Hinds

La Maschera
  by Cherie Konyha Greene

Winter Birds
  by Michael Ferris

  by Catherine Chandler

We’re at an Age When Honesty is Best
  by John Byrne

Ora et Labora
  by Arthur Brown

  by C. B. Anderson

January 2011

Nashville, Secondhand
  by Stephen Harvey

To a Reader, Somewhere
  by Michael Ferris

  by David Rosenthal

Royal Wedding
  by Susan McLean

Summer Storm
  by Scott Wiggerman

The Inca’s Half-Brother Chooses His Way
  by Ken Turner

The Mother Ship
  by Rick Mullin

  by Peter Moltoni

A Photograph of a Young Confederate Before He Ships Out to Vicksburg
  by Lance Levens

On Rereading Hesse’s Steppenwolf at Age Fifty
  by Jean L. Kreiling

Photo Prayer
  by Karen  Kelsay

  by Midge Goldberg

Insects of Mass Destruction
  by Martin Elster

Henslow’s Sparrow
  by Catherine Chandler

October 2010

We Here
  by Roy Mash

  by Michael Ferris

4th of July, Monument City, Indiana
  by Ed Shacklee

The Consultation
  by Peter Branson

Holding On
  by Jean L. Kreiling

Solar Eclipse
  by Doris Watts

  by Kevin Corbett

Waiting for the Base Movie
  by Woody Long

  by Stuart Barnes

  by Lance Levens

  by Kim Bridgford

March’s Fool
  by Diane Elayne Dees

  by Yakov Azriel

Ballynagaul, County Waterford
  by Chris O’Carroll

July 2010

  by Catherine Chandler

Modern Physics
  by Vaughn Fritts

The Squirrel in the Attic of His Brain
  by Robin Helweg-Larsen

The Seventh Age
  by Enriqueta Carrington

Second Sight
  by John MacLean

Institute of Art, Spring Break
  by Maryann Corbett

Billy Wilder
  by Kim Bridgford

Till Death Do Us Part
  by Chris O’Carroll

  by Thomas Thurman

Wife of My Late Years
  by Don Thackrey

At the National Academy Museum
  by Rick Mullin

Sonnets from Rock and Roll #2
  by David W. Landrum

The Accompanist
  by Jean L. Kreiling

  by C. B. Anderson

May 2010

The Departure
  by Siham Karami

  by Henry Quince

Carpe Diem
  by Laura King

Apocalypse Now
  by Chad Trevitte

  by Catherine Chandler

Wife of the Zeppelin Scientist
  by Ernest Hilbert

  by Dawn Corrigan

  by Norman Ball

  by Lew Watts

Piano Duo
  by Jean Kreiling

The Way It Ended
  by Gail White

Small Hope
  by C. E. Chaffin

The Snowman
  by Doris Watts

Cargo Cult
  by Kean Kaufmann

March 2010

Dead Giveaway
  by Susan McLean

Pena negra
  by Catherine Chandler

  by Rick Mullin

An Understanding
  by Martin Elster

  by Carol Taylor

  by Duncan Gillies MacLaurin

Madame Poupoule at her Dressing Table
  by Frank Osen

A Score for Reverend Jack
  by Kate Bernadette Benedict

My Farm Wife
  by Don Thackrey

Her Latest Girlfriend Stole the Silk Tabriz
and Left a Cat Behind

  by Michael Cantor

The Shoebox
  by Siham Karami

Forty at Four A.M.
  by Laura Maffei

The Grand Tour
  by Timothy Murphy

The Study Print
  by Doris Watts


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