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Out of Touch

by Carol Taylor

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A bomb goes off aboard a Spanish train;
rioting engulfs the streets of Paris;
a plane falls down in Poland. When I learn
of these and other faraway disasters
I send a prayer to heaven, knowing I
won’t be aware if something ever happens —
your next of kin will hardly notify
me of your sudden passing.  
                                                If it matters,
I’ve put your last-known email in a list
to be informed, along with distant others,
in case of my demise. Should I be missed,
you’ll know for sure, and maybe reach some closure
instead of wondering at my long silence
and praying at the news of far-off violence.

Carol Taylor’s poems have been published in various journals and anthologies including 14 by 14, Umbrella Journal, Iambs & TrocheesLight Quarterly, Barefoot Muse, Alsop Review Press Anthology One, and Open Poetry’s shortlist anthology, Hand Luggage Only. She administers the metrical poetry workshop Poet & Critic.

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Pat Jones
Published 23 August 2011